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    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Signs of Diabetes

    There are some common signs of high or low blood sugar levels - here are some of the most common ones, some of which I have experienced, others I have not. There are more I am sure however these are the most common. Please do include any other symptoms that you have experienced, or have witnessed - some of them can be hard to see if you are not looking however if we can create more awareness, maybe more people will know what they are dealing with.

    Signs of Diabetes:

    High Blood Sugar Levels:

    Weight Loss
    Frequent Urination
    Extreme Thirst
    Dry Mouth
    Metallic Taste in Mouth

    Low Blood Sugar:

    Blurred Vision
    Feelings of Anger or Aggression
    Slurred Speech
    Appear Intoxicated
    Feel cold or a deep chill

    It is extremely dangerous to consistently to have too high or too low blood sugar. It is important to maintain sugar levels as consistently as possible. Not only insulin and testing is important, but diet can make or break you. If you are experiencing any combination of these symptoms a simple blood test or urine test at your doctors office or local clinic can save your life, or your child's life.

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