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    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Support a World Diabetes Day on November 14th

    There are more than a 1/4 billion people with diabetes in the world. Tens of millions are undiagnosed. Over a hundred million more will be diagnosed in their lifetimes.

    We kindly request that Google light their home page doodle in blue to raise awareness for World Diabetes Day this coming November 14.

    Please add your name to this petition and tell as many people as you can about it.


    1. This is an excellent blog. I appreciate all the information. At what point does a patient need to be concerned about falling glucose levels? mine only peaks? Thank You

    2. Hello Hoji,

      Each person does have a different point when low glucose levels become too low. The lowest I have been and remained conscious was 1.8 however I have slipped into a diabetic coma at levels in the 2 range. I begin to notice the drop when I start feeling agressive and angry for no reason, my vision blurs, and I am shaky and have cold sweats. This usually occurs starting just below 4. It does depend on the day however. If you start feeling anything but normal it is always a good idea to test your sugar levels. If it is lower than usual, a piece of fruit, glass of juice or milk will generally bring you up enough to make a good decison about what to eat. At this point I generally incorporate some sort of protein as it helps slow the processing of sugars and maintains your blood sugar level a little longer.

      If you are generally having higher blood sugar levels - take a look at the carbohydrate choices you are making, as well as fruits, juices, and certain starchy vegetables. I have eliminated the majority of these foods from my diet and generally do not see the spikes in sugar levels as I used to.


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